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Hey guys, in my last post I discussed about getting free data bundle on MTN network. And so many of us are still rocking with the free data. Today, am going to show you how to transfer files from your mobile phone to PC using the XENDER app.

Decades before now the Bluetooth app was invoke. That was barely fast. It was unbearable for those of us who wanted transferring files larger than a 100mb. As a matter of fact we would have to wait for hours just to transfer files between phones.

Usually, it was known to be the fastest since it transferred all kind of data files. But damn, it was slow and it kept pissing users up. Another means used to transfer data files was through the use of USB cables. Maybe you find yourself somewhere with something interesting and you need to transfer it to your device. Finally you try to use the Bluetooth means to ease your stress and what next, it treks for hours probably. Anyways, that’s not even necessary anymore. What matters now is that software developers have finally arrived at a solution far better, faster and stronger than the previous means of transferring data.

The XENDER app was invented to aid both smartphone and PC users in transferring large files ranging from 50mb to 1000mb and even more.

Subsequently, I’ll be showing you how to transfer data files not just from one smartphone to another using the ‘XENDER’ app but also from one smartphone to a PC using the ‘XENDER’ app.

I just need you to follow these few steps to achieve our aim today.


Generally, most smartphone users have this app called ‘XENDER’ on their devices but have not discovered the full potentials of the app. Just sit, relax and learn how to use the app to its fullest.

  1. Firstly, you will need to own a smartphone to enable you do this and achieve your goal. Reason because, the ‘XENDER’ app mainly supports android OS (not less than 4.2), IOS, windows When that is done, you can now proceed accurately.
  2. Secondly, you have to download the XENDER’ app from Google play store. Click here to see how.
  3. Okay, you’re right on point. The next thing to do is to install the ‘XENDER’ app you downloaded earlier.
  4. After downloading the ‘XENDER’ app, open it and go through the tutorials for first time installation.
  5. After that just at the top left of the homepage of the ‘XENDER’ app, there’s an icon right there with an animated picture of either a dog or a cat or something funny. Click on it and a drop down menu list slides the rightward direction.
  6. Go down the drop down menu list of the ‘XENDER’ app to the point where you see ‘more’ with an arrow facing the downward direction.
  7. There you’ll see ‘connect to pc’. This is exactly where the main work comes in.
  8. When you click on that, a page pops up where you see various ways through which you can connect to your pc.
  • The first is through the ‘web connect’ where you open a web address on your PC’s browser.
  • The next thing to do is to ‘scan the QR code’ and you’re good to go. The ‘XENDER’ app connects automatically. Note that, you can scan the QR code only with you camera.
  • Just place your camera on the PC’s screen after selecting this option.
  • The second option is creating a mobile hotspot connection and connecting it to your PC’s to share.
  • Once the connection between the PC and your smartphone via the hotspot is secured, open the PC’s browser.
  • After doing that, enter this address on the web browser ‘’.

Note that you can transfer data files from your smartphone to your pc and vice-versa.

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