The New Mercedes Benz EQC: Pioneering New Look


Hey guys Mercedes Benz just release a new model. Outstanding in features and beautiful to sight. the newly modeled car is no other but the one and only ” Mercedes Benz EQC”.

The New Mercedes Benz EQC pioneering  model was launched under the new product and technology section of the EQC. It comes with certain features, design details and hallmark color accent. As a particular striking design and new feature, the headlamps and air inlet blend to a black panel surface. The interior design is inspired by the world consumer electronics. The louvered edge of the panel which looks like the cooling ribs HIFI amplifier. Both inside and  out the EQC encloses the design idiom of progressive luxury.

The New Mercedes Benz EQC

The New Mercedes Benz EQC

Clash of the digital and analogue elements.

The EQC embodies the progressive luxury design idiom of the new EQC product and technology brand. This generate an experience and a preview of the next big thing to come  tomorrow with its clear design.

The New Mercedes Benz EQC is an avant-garde looks says chief Wagner Gordon chief officer design Daimler AG. Generally,this comes from the combination of a recent unknown beauty,the striking feature  at front is located at the large black-panel surface embodying the headlamps and grille.the inner housings and tubes of the standards, MULTI BEAM LED headlamps are in high-gloss of black. Color highlights discreetly shows the model membership of the new EQC family and class: blue stripes on black background and multi-beam lettering is also in blue. the black panel is border at the top with with an optical fibre. as visual link between torch-like daytime running lamps as a typical Mercedes-Benz feature.

Moreover, at night this creates an almost uninterrupted, horizontal lightning brand. Nevertheless in market, this unmistakenly night design and model is supplemented with an illuminated  central star. This optional extra has been combined with the radar sensor active Distance assist DISTRONIC  for the first time,and acts as an additional position for first time, and act as additional position lamp for stationary vehicle.


Sporty,stretched silhouette.


  • Durability
  • Agility
  • Multi-beam LED taillight

The extended roofline  window layout come’s with a low waistline.  The coupe like roof recess at rear visually position it between an SUV coupe. At the rear sporty  stretched silhouette is finished off by a low roof spoiler. The roof contour and side  window layout  visually confirm that the EQC  is conceive as crossover SUV. the side windows are framed by high-gloss aluminium trip strip. the charging flap is integrated flush with the rear right side wall.

Tail light technology.

However the New Mercedes Benz EQC  deep roof spoiler adds to the excellent aerodynamics design, Moreover it emphasis on the rear view of the window. The transition between tailgate an the bumper is practically seamless. The multi section rear lights with tail lights in edge-like technology echo the light band at the front. The reflector is separated in the bumper. this allow a flatter and sporty  layout for the front rear lights. This model lettering EQC is located on the left of the tailgate. Thus has a new EQ -specific typography.



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