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SMEDAN:How to register your Business and access up to N50,000 grants


How to register your Business with SMEDAN and

access up to N50,000 grants

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN)

has commenced mass registration.

Who Can Register?

People that can register are; artisans, traders, tailors, fashion designers, spare part dealers and

so much more.

If you run a business you are qualified to register.

What Are the Benefits of Registration?

The registration exercise is simple and

easy to complete within minutes. More importantly, it is FREE!

The benefits to your business include;

Below are some benefits you will derived

  1. A SMEDAN unique identification Number will be Issued to you (SUIN).
  2. You will have Access to SMEDAN conditional Grant scheme (Grants up to N50,000 per MSME)
  3. You will be prioritize for funds from public and private sector, financial institutions, including international donor Agencies
  4. There will be an Empowerment programs and Entrepreneurship Training.
  5. You will secure a business insurance and many more opportunities.

Kindly register your business through the link provided below

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