Ruga: Initiative is a right, not privilege for herdsmen – Badaru.

Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa has affirmed that the Ruga initiative for herdsmen was only suspended, pending when all necessary measures are put in place.

The governor noted that whether Ruga or ranching, the aim of the initiative is to improve the general well being of the general public as well as those in the business, Leadership reports.

He said cattle herders are Nigerians and their business is legitimate, hence it is their civil right, not privilege, for the country to support and provide them with an enabling environment for doing the business, irrespective of their tribal or geographical affiliation.

He pointed out that cattle rearing, as a business, provides jobs for millions of Nigerians, guarantees food security and enhances income generation to governments at various levels.

Badaru said local and international investors would want to invest in the livestock economic sector, as he stressed that the initiative was part of the Ease of Doing Business agenda of the federal government.

According to the governor, Ruga or cattle ranches is a project designed to improve the practice of cattle rearing in Nigeria, with the aim of making it more profitable, more healthier, more peaceful and environmentally friendly.

He said: “The Ruga project is not cancelled by federal government but suspended for review and it will be implemented for the benefit of all Nigerians not only cattle rearers”.

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