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How to reduce overheating on your Android Smart phone

Overheating seems like a very common problem with Android devices and as the summer approaches it becomes a big problem. It no rocket science to understand why our smartphones boil up, it is mainly due to the “usage level”. What boils up our temper about these critical conditions on our smartphones is the idea that most times we have no idea why the sudden change in phone temperature.

Quick battery drainage and damage, slow device, forced smartphone restrart are a few the numerous problems smartphone overheating can cause. It is true that the best of flagship devices also experience overheating, nevertheless, there are few steps you can take to avoid smartphone overheating and protect the lifespan of your device this summer.

1. Less Multitasking.

Multitasking has continued to evolve on smartphones, gone are the days when you can only execute a process at a time on your devices. Advancement in RAM and mobile processor technology has made multitasking an achievable task on smartphones, but sometimes we overdo them.

Most smartphones nowadays pack at least 1GB RAM, which enables apps to run smoothly even when you have apps running in the background, however, these apps that run in the background still uses phone resources that can make the device to rise in temprature.

Solution: To ensure background running apps don’t boost your phone temperature ensure you always close background running apps when they are not in use.  You can also check the RAM used by apps in Settings->Memory

2. Your Smartphone’s Case.

Smartphone case is good ways to protect your device from damages but it could also the cause of overheating on your device. Most of these smartphone cases are made of materials that insulate heat leading to frequent overheating of the device.

Solution: Remove the case and see if overheating reduces, try and purchase a more open case that won’t suffocate the phone.

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