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Recover Windows 7/8 Password without any Software

Recover Windows 7/8 Password

Have you been searching for a software to Reset or Recover Windows 7/8 Password, do you find it difficult to Recover Windows 7/8 Password without any Software? Being locked out of your Pc can be worrisome and sometimes getting a software may be difficult especially if you are out of town or you are not close to any software. How to Recover Windows 7/8 Password without any Software is now easier than expected.

Today I will be showing you a new way to recover your forgotten system password even without a software.

Advantages of using this method includes:

  1. Save Cost:- Obtaining a software that will help you recover your lost password can be expensive especially when you are running on a low budget or out of cash. This can sometimes be frustrating when you need to get something done and there is no availability of required finances. but it may delight you to know that this method of recovery involves no financial attachment.
  2. Instant Solution: This helps you to proffer an immediate solution even without consulting an expert or computer engineer  to get your password recovered.
  3.  Saves Time: Under this method, time consumption is relatively less as this will not require you to burn a Bootable Disk or Removable Drive as required when using a software in password recovery.

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How to Recover Windows 7/8 Password without any Software

  1. Power on your computer. As the computer boots, forcefully power off the system by holding down the Power Button for about 6 seconds.
  2. After a forceful shutdown, the computer detects a sudden power loss and will ask you if you want to launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. Choose the Launch Startup Repair (recommended) menu and  press the enter key.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  3. It will take between 3-5 Minutes for the Startup Repair to come up. It will then ask if you want to restore your computer to an earlier point, click Cancel as shown below.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  4. As a result of the above, a series of diagnostic tests is launched to determine the cause of the startup failure. After a while, a dialog box appears showing that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically, Choose View problem details.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  5. At this point, go to the end of the detailled report. Locate and click on the link that follows “Please read our Privacy Statement”.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  6. A Notepad will appear with the privacy statement, choose the File menu and then Open it.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  7. In the File Opened menu, change the Files of type option to All Files. having done that, Browse to the Sticky Keys app – C:\windows\system46\ohoha.exe. it is of importance to Rename this file as a backup file: I named it “ohoha/copy”.
    Recover Windows 7/8 Password
  8. search the cmd.exe file in the same folder, This is your Command Prompt.change the name to ohoha.exe.
    Recover Windows 7/8 PasswordThen close all the dialog boxes and Finish, so that the computer can reboot.
  9. It will now take you to the Windows login screen, then tap the Shift key 5(five) times and it will open the Command Prompt window other than the Sticky Keys application.
  10. Now to Recover Windows 7/8 Password without any Software, just type in the following command, replacing the username and password with any combination you want:net user 48484848

    Recover Windows 7/8 Password

  11. End the Command Prompt while you log on to Windows with your new log-in details/password.After login-in to Windows, recall to change the ohoha.exe back to cmd.exe. This is it!.

    You have succeeded in recovering your forgotten Windows 7/8 password.

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