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5 Best URL Shortener Services To Earn Real $$$

Whats is URL Shortening?

URL shortening is the translation of a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into an abbreviated alternative that redirects to the longer URL.







RL shortening services typically provide users with:

  • The ability to track, analyze and graph traffic statistics.
  • Bookmarklets that enable URL shortening without visiting the site.
  • The ability to customize shortened URLs.
  • A preview function.

List Of Best URL Shortener Networks To Make Money:

1. Adfly is the best one and trusted company and take best care of their users provides the money at time. It is an old company so many users trusted this company. You can earn 5$ per 1000 views on your short URL. You can also get benefit of referral system and can get 20% commissions from your referrals. The best thing of this company is the minimum payout is 5$. Register now and get chance to earn some money from this service. Register

2. Linkshrink

Linkshrink is another best and trusted URL shorten company which provides the URLshortening service. You can earn maximum $3 to $5 per 1000 views on your short URL(Note: Rate vary country to country). You can also get 25% commission from your referral if you have some.

So the best point of this company is the minimum payout is 5$. So register now and short your URL share it on websites, forums and more and earn some money. Register at

3. is another good URL shortener service which provides you to new chance to earn money online with the help of shortening URLs.

You can get 4$ to 8$ per 1000 visits on your short URL. If you have referral then you can get 20% commission from your referral. The minimum payout is 10$. If you can provide more than 100000 views monthly then you can get special rates from So register now, short your URL with and share it on Facebook, twitter, websites, blogs and more and get chance to earn some money. Register at

4. Linkbucks

Linkbucks is one of the most popular URL shortener service through which you can earn money online with short URLs. It will pay you $2 to $6 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is 10$ and you can also earn 5% commission from your referrals. If you have an website, blog and good visitors then you can also check their advertiser program. Register at is a top US based URL shorten company. You can earn up to 5$ to 8$ per 1000 visits on your Short URL. It also provides the referral system so you can get 20% commission from your referrals. Due to US based if any user from US or UK click on your URL you will get high rate. You can share your short URL on websites, forums, blogs and more so you can earn money with the help of short URLs. Register at

Facts to Note: Earning online is not a days job. It will take time but soon, you will find yourself making alot of $$$ online.

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